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How to Get Started with FTZ #176

The benefits of Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) are many, from increasing cash flow to improving supply-chain timelines and inventory control. Here’s how you can get started in activating within FTZ #176.

How FTZ #176 Can Save Your Business Time and Money

As manufacturers and distributors continue to be plagued with growing supply-chain costs and constraints, Foreign Trade Zone #176 is a tool that’s been available in Northern Illinois for more than 30 years to help companies reduce costs, tighten supply-chain timelines, and carry more inventory.

Attend 3rd Annual Meeting – October 6th

Supply chain constraints are impacting our economy, and we see it daily in our homes and businesses. This event will highlight two specific tools to mitigate supply-chain risk, speed-up supply-chain timelines and reduce real costs: Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) and Reshoring.